Police pull over a 2-year old girl for reckless driving on a toy convertible

Driving appropriately and following traffic rules is a must if you wish to ensure safety on roads not just for yourselves but for fellow passengers, pedestrians and other commutes as well. Every driver resents and dreads the moment when they receive a ticket for speeding or wrongful driving. However, it appears that the 2-year-old Za’Dariyah quite firmly stood her ground when she was pulled over by the police for speeding her tiny toy convertible car. She was handed over a ticket of $4. What more, the little girl can’t just wait to go to the nearest police station and pay for it.

police-ticket-two-year-old-girl-speeding-reckless-driving-toy-convertible-florida2-Year-Old ‘Driver’ Pulled Over By Cop!

The entire incident was that this two-year-old toddler was driving her toy car outside her apartment complex in Florida. A police cruiser was patrolling the area at that time. Officer Christian Velasco stated that he saw the little Za’Dariyah playing. She was going pretty fast and was bumping into some cars while driving. It took him some time but when he eventually succeeded in catching up to her, he handed the toddler a ticket (which was a fake ticket). Apparently, the little girl scribbled on the ticket and her mother humored that she hopes it will not be held against Za’Dariyah in court.

The incident was all in fun. The little girl’s uncle Keyth Mishaw appreciated the police officers sense of humor. It was indeed quite an adorable moment. He also took photos that went viral on Facebook. Za’Dariyah’s pics got 3 million views, 17,000 shares and 150,000 likes!

Though it was a very light moment, however, it seems that such incidents are a nice way to instill appropriate road behavior in young minds ever since an early age. It will help them grow as a responsible citizen and appreciate the work of policemen.

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