One Year old Girl Buys Car on eBay using Daddy’s smart phone

One Year old Girl Buys 'Car' Using Daddy's Smartphone

Don’t be so surprised reading the title, yes its true a very young 1 year old girl did actually purchase a car. The incident took place at toddler in Portland. Paul Stoute got an email saying he had won the bidding for a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite, but luckily the car just costs $225 (Rs.13500).

“Fortunately, she didn’t buy the $38,000 Porsche,” said the Paul Stoute father of 1 year old.

The incident took place when Mr.Stoute was looking at fixer uppers on eBay before he put his phone down to do something else. Just before he was aware, his one year old daughter had already purchased a car.

“It comes with two engines,” Christina Stoute said. “They’re both in the back seat.”

While the eBay seller offered to contact other bidders who wanted the car, the family wants to keep it and fix it up. They might even give it to the girl for her 16th birthday.

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