Pick up LaFerrari with a Ferrari convoy

It may not be very uncommon that a group of bikers will accompany their friend to a showroom just to celebrate the delivery of his/her new motorbike. No matter whether it’s a 100cc commuter motorbike or a powerful 200 BHP mean machine. It has happened in the past that a group of about 100 Harley Davidsons rode to Goa for a showroom inauguration! There is no practical reason behind this. It is only the feeling of sharing someone’s joy.

ferrari-collector-convoyFerrari collector Jon Hunt’s collection

Something similar has been done for a car too. We have heard that an ardent Ferrari collector Jon Hunt has been waiting for the delivery of his brand new LaFerrari. He turned the event into a complete big Exotic Italian Extravaganza by calling up his friends and kids to form a spectacular convoy of Ferraris to pick up his shining new car. This awesome Ferrari fleet drove all the way to Maranello from England. The convoy included Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari 288 GTO, Ferrari F50 and Ferrari F40 all owned by Jon Hunt. His friends are quite lucky indeed.

Jon Hunt stated that in his opinion there is no better sports car than Ferraris. He stated that each of them is so different from the other and he loves driving them all. Hunt has driven his Ferrari Enzo for 16,000 kilometers alone. The man was extremely overjoyed and happy at his new purchase. He expressed that it was a mind blowing experience just to see his own LaFerrari. He is just so eager to ride it up and know it thoroughly. Hunt took no time to say that his new purchase is a truly spectacular car.

It takes a lot of fortune and luck to own such a fancy lineup of sports cars. It sincerely reflects Jon Hunt’s true passion and loyalty towards Ferrari.

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