Ferrari will fine journalists for early release of review

If you are aspiring to buy the upcoming LaFerrari, you will have to purchase another one in order to pay for the privilege. And if you are planning to review the gorgeous car, you will end up paying $70,000 as a fine. Ferrari has decided to fine any journalist who will release an early review of their car. The company has made journalists sign a form stating that they will have to pay the above mentioned fine if they break an embargo.

ferrari-laferrari-fine-journalistsFerrari will fine journalists for early release of review

Journalists in the field of automobiles have given their consent to sign on any kind of contract form with the Public Relations people in order to get access to the cars. This is nothing new. It goes back to the time when magazines used to require information about the cars before their publication date so that they can publish an early review. With the advancement in Media and online journalism, embargo has become even more common. However, they hardly ever work and eventually breaking the contract will end you up in paying hefty fines.

However, there is a segment of journalists who feel negatively about signing such agreements. They believe that by making them sign such a contract, the automobile companies use their leverage against publication agencies, especially the print ones. In order to offer an exclusive peek, the automobile giants tend to make publications agree to keep an eye on their schedule. They also make them agree to who knows what else.

Ferrari is promoting their exclusive by ensuring that other publishers are kept well away from the story. The company loves to maintain its exclusive persona. LaFerrari is one of the most awaited cars by the Italian car manufacturing giant. It is expensive but glorious, powerful and truly mesmerizing. All car crazy fans are holding their breath to read the reviews of this beauty.

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