Occupants unhurt as Chevrolet Optra catches fire

Delhi has been experiencing a heatwave. The recorded temperatures have been increasing with every passing day. The heatwave has even led some cars to overheat and catch fire. Such incidents are becoming so much more common. Last month, over 5 such unfortunate accidents were recorded. Three people have lost their lives in these incidents. As the temperatures continue to soar, more reports are coming to light. The latest accident to be reported occurred yesterday.

chevrolet-optra-catches-fire-indiaOccupants unhurt as Chevrolet Optra catches fire

Two individual accidents have been reported. In the first incident, a Chevrolet Optra suddenly went ablaze at Ram Charan Aggarwal Chowk. The ill-fated incident occurred at about 3:30 PM on Monday when the owner of the car PN Mishra was being driven to Karkardooma court by his driver. According to the two, the engine suddenly caught fire. Fortunately, the driver as well as Mr. Mishra succeed to manage an escape and were unhurt. The flames were doused by three fire tenders who reached the accident spot. It took them 15 minutes to extinguish the fire. The car was burnt partially.

The second accident involved a Hyundai i20 and Sokda Fabia. Both the cars were parked next to each other in Nangloi area, West Delhi. Around noon, the two caught fire. However, it did not originated from either of the cars. The fire spread to the cars from a nearby hut that went ablaze. In this accident too, no one got injured.

Three previous accidents have been reported in Delhi. One involved an Audio Q7 catching fire but no one was reported hurt, the second was a Hyundai Santro which went ablaze and consumed two brothers and the third one involved a Toyota Etios that claimed one life. Government has initiated investigations in the cases. None of the automakers involved in the accidents have made any official statement on the issue.

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