Toyota Etios burns 38-year-old man to death at New Delhi

toyota-etios-caught-fire-new-delhiBurnt Toyota Etios (image used as an illustration)

In a rather freak incident, a driver got burned to death as his white Toyota Etios caught fire. The incident occurred on Thursday at around 10 PM in the night. The driver was identified as Amit Moga, a 38-year-old wholesale trader of gift items. He owned a shop in Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi. The incident took place at the Outer Ring Road, Mangolpuri, when Moga was coming back from a godown he owned in Sultanpuri in West Delhi.

As per the eyewitness reports, Moga was driving the car near Peera Garhi Chowk, Outer Ring Road, when the vehicle suddenly caught fire. Within minutes, the fire began to spread. Witnesses were left dumbfound as they was a desperate Moga making attempts to abandon the vehicle.

However, due to the automatic locking mechanism of the car, he was unable to open the door. A few onlookers tried to help him by breaking the windows from a safe distance but they failed. Though the windows of the car began to crack because of the cabin heat and pressure, it was too late as Moga was already charred and choked to death.

toyota-etios-burns-dealth-new-delhiBurnt Toyota Etios (image used as an illustration)

When Moga was removed from the car and taken to a hospital nearby, he was declared dead on arrival by the doctors. Initial investigations on the incident by the officials have led to deduce that a short circuit in the wiring may have been the reason for the fire.

When the family members were reported of the incident and loss, they suspected foul play and are demanding an inquiry. Raj Kumar, Moga’s brother in law, has stated that a few onlookers saw two people running away from the car just before it caught fire. The police is trying to consider every possible angle. Meanwhile, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has not released any official statement about the incident so far.


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