$7000 36-kmpl Elio gets 1100 bookings, 5-Star Crash Test Safety Rating Expected

Elio Motors’ latest product a 3-wheel vehicle will work as a new medium of transportation for daily commutation. Also, its endeavor will lead to creating of over 1,500 American jobs. Moreover, it will help in reducing dependence on oil being imported from foreign nations. Paul Elio, founder of the company, has stated that this vehicle will be taking part in the Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition Legislative Breakfast.

elio-motors-3-wheel-vehicle-paul-elioCompany founder Paul Elio with the Elio prototype

Paul Elio also mentioned that their low coast and high mileage vehicle will make people reconsider their approach towards transportation in the U.S. When we think of purchasing a vehicle, our basic premise is that it should be able to accommodate our family. However, when we are commuting to work on a daily basis, even the biggest cars have at maximum two people inside it: you and your driver. So why not choose a vehicle that is reasonably priced, easy on your budget and offers great fuel efficiency.

The auto maker is planning to commence the production of their 3-wheeled vehicle in the year 2015. The expected price of this vehicle will be $7,000 (INR 4.22 lakh approx.). As per the reports, the vehicle will offer fuel efficiency of 84 miles per gallon (36 kmpl). The company has designed and engineered this automobile in the manner that they are expecting a 5 Star Crash Test Safety Rating. This Elio product flaunts a very appealing and elegant design that will grab the attention of on-lookers.

According to the present status, there have already been 1100 reservations for this 3-wheeled vehicle from $100 to $1000. 80% of the prospective buyers who have made the reservation have chosen non-refundable reservation. It is indicative of the brand trust the Elio has been successful in creating in the hearts of its customers. Let’s wait and watch how this vehicle fares in the market.


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