TOTO unveils ‘Toilet Bike Neo’ that runs on bio-fuel (Video)

TOTO Toilet Bike Neo

Japanese sanitary ware manufacturer Toto showcased a 3-wheeler motorcycle called ‘Toilet Bike Neo’, that not only saves fuel money but cleans the environment as well. It is capable of travelling upto 300 kms on a tank full of animal waste. Although its seat is constructed out of a toilet, TOTO is quick to point out that the motorcycle does not run on human waste.

Toto has been working on this Toilet Bike Neo since 2009 and represented in front of the world in a Fujisawa showroom on 23rd of August 2012. This 3-wheeled motorcycle is powered by a 250cc engine and it runs on what Metro UK calls “biogas fuel (fertilized, purified and compressed livestock waste and household waste water) provided by the Shika-oi Town in Hokkaido and Kobe city.”

Most humorously is the fact that the rider sits on a toilet-shaped seat. Even more hysterical is the fact that TOTO made it a point that the motorcycle doesn’t run on the rider’s waste. So why the toilet seat if it doesn’t actually function as a toilet? The Japanese toilet maker wants to promote its environmental efforts, and well this eco-friendly, poo-powered motorcycle definitely grabbed our attention.

As of now, this green machine is just a prototype and it seems like the company wants to bring it into production.
Checkout the video below the jump.


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SourceMetro UK