Another Tata Nano catches fire in Gujarat

Tata Nano catches fire in Gujarat

Once again the cheapest car in the world Tata Nano is in news, and once again the reason for Nano being in news is the same, Nano’s engine caught fire due to unknown reason. This time the incident has taken place in Anand, Gujarat. Anand is not very far from Sanand, the place where Tata Motors is manufacturing Nano small car currently.

When the occupants of the car noticed smoke in the interior. They immediately parked the Nano and informed the Fire Brigade. The Nano was engulfed by flames within minutes and was completely damaged. This is not the first time a Tata Nano caught fire. Tata Motors has not commented on this incident yet.

A fire brigade official said – “The Nano car which caught fire was registered in the name of Hafsa Mohd Iqbal Kathadi but it was being driven by Hafsa”s husband who works with an insurance company here.”

The Tata Nano’s image took a huge beating earlier last year after three Nanos were gutted in separate incidents of them catching fire. Tata Motors did not recall the Nano and only provided an update to the electronic system which it blamed for the fire accidents.

With another Tata Nano catching fire in Anand, Gujarat, it is apparent Tata Motors has not found a solution or the cause of the fire. The Nano catching fire appears to be a huge blow to the small car that has already suffered an 85 per cent drop in sales in August.

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