VIDEO: Lamborghini and Ferrari on the run as angry mob throw stones

This is first such incident reported in India, where we can see an angry mob throwing stones at a Lamborghini Aventador and a Ferrari 458 convertible for unknown reasons in Uttar Pradesh.

The close observation at the above video, you’ll see an unidentified red supercar and one more white SUV as well in the background, trying to get out of the scene along with the Italian-supercars.

In the video, you’ll watch the Ferrari tried to put its roof back-up while onlookers don’t waste any opportunity to cause as much damage as you can in a mere few seconds, and hopefully this was limited to the visible attempt at causing dents and paint chipping.

Surely, these supercars aren’t doing this route anytime soon!

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  • Ben van Roode

    I can see where the anger of those people comes from in a country like India with a society that know extreme rich people but the extreme poor are in the majority. Why show your wealth in this way. India has = with its structure of castes= an outdated form of society. Their technology is 21st century, but the society is much behind.