Mandatory for existing two-wheelers to retrofit ABS or CBS before April-2019

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways declared ABS to be mandatory in two-wheelers from April-2018. This means that any two-wheeler launched here from this-year onwards comes equipped with an ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) or a CBS (Combined-Braking System), as standard.


Two-wheelers with engines below 125cc should have CBS as standard while the one’s above should have ABS.

As per a report by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, approximately 36,000 people lost their lives while riding a two wheeler since 2012. This accounts for about 26 percent of the total traffic accidents in the country. So there is no surprise on this move regarding passenger safety taken by the department.

With both ABS and CBS coming as standard, we can expect manufacturers to raise the prices of their products. This could come as a disadvantage to buyers, nevertheless a life saver. The ruling states that two-wheelers which are existing in the manufacturers line-up should get the system fitted before April-2019.


Non-ABS on top and ABS at the bottom demonstrated in a diagram.

This rule states that April 1, 2018, a two-wheeler above 125cc should come with ABS. Two-wheelers below that capacity should be fitted with at least a CBS. Let us all hope that brings a reduction in the number of road accidents involving two-wheelers.

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