Man pays 13 times scooter value for ‘AK-47’ license plate in Punjab

Honda Activa scooter

Although terrorism has wiped out of Punjab two decades ago, but Russian rifle AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova) still triggers Punjabis’ fascination and it continues to grow. This was evident after, a farmer in the state paid a whopping Rs 7 lakh to grab the number PB-07 AK-47 for his Honda Activa scooter, which costs around Rs 53,000 only.

The ‘AK-47′ license plate was purchased during an auction for vehicle registration numbers at Hoshiarpur in Punjab. The auction witnessed a fierce competition among 16 bidders who were ready to pay any amount of money to get their favourite number. Furthermore, 5 of the bidders even continued their bids till the amount fetch to Rs 5 lakh.

After winning the auction, Kulbir Singh told reporters, “I had a clear mandate from my Italy-based brother Amanpreet Singh and US-based cousin Dilsher Singh Dhaliwal, 20, to get the number at any cost. Dilsher Singh had been telling me to get the number even if the bid goes up to Rs 12-13 lakh.”

When asked why he was so fascinated with the number AK-47, he said, “It is a very popular number and is unique. We anticipated that there would be competition for this number and were prepared for it.” He added, “Earlier, two of our vehicles also had ’47’ as registration number but for AK-47, we were prepared to spend any amount of money.”

Toyota Fortuner and Skoda Laura

Kulbir, his wife, and two daughters distributed sweets in the neighborhood after winning the bid. The 38-year-old, who owns a Skoda Laura (PB-38 0001), said he would buy a Toyota Fortuner and transfer the new number to the four-wheeler from the scooter.

District transport officer P S Gill said the department had expected the bid to go high but not to this extent. “There was fierce competition among the bidders and the bid rose very quickly as the 16 participants appeared desperate to win it,” he said.


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Source – ZeeNews