Aamir Khan gets his Rolls-Royce ‘MH 11 AX 1’

Aamir Khan gets his Rolls-Royce ‘MH 11 AX 1’

Actor Aamir Khan got his new Rolls-Royce registered at Maharashtra’s Satara regional transport office on Saturday. People stopped by to see the shining, metallic silver new Rolls Royce when it was brought to the RTO. Deputy regional transport officer VR Gujarathi confirmed the car was Khan’s and he had requested the number ‘1’,which he ultimately got but had to spend a sum of Rs 3 lakh for the number alone.

Mumbai based Navneet Motors imported the Rolls Royce from UK for Rs 1.22 crores. Customs Duty on the car amounted to Rs 1.41 crore. The Satara RTO levied a tax of Rs Rs 47 lakh for registration and a further Rs. 3 lakh for the special number. ‘MH 11 AX 1’ wasn’t viable for the four wheeler series, and has been allotted from the two wheeler series. The car has been registered in the name of Advital Post Studios Ltd and the address given is building 7D, Silver Valley Society, Khingar, taluka Mahabaleshwar.


Rolls Royce is known over the world as the makers of bespoke luxury cars that buyers can get customized from the automaker. It takes nearly six months to build one of these ultra luxurious cars. Each car is hand built and the interior is hand crafted in natural wood and leather. The car is powered by a 6,592 cc V12 and can do speeds up to 300 kph which is quite impressive given the fact that the car weighs more than 2000 kilograms.

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