Maruti Alto burns 27 year old man to death in Delhi

Maruti Alto burns 27 year old man to death in Delhi

Mr. Pradeep Arora paid with his life earlier yesterday when he failed to rescue himself from his burning car. Mr Arora’s car – Maruti Suzuki Alto suddenly caught fire while he was still driving. According to the fire brigade officials, the incident occurred earlier yesterday in Delhi’s Adarsh Nagar locality.

At around 11:40 AM when Mr. Arora was driving his Maruti Alto to visit his friend, the car probably caught fire due to some kind of short circuit, stated the fire brigade official. Everything happened so fast that Mr. Arora was left with a little time to save himself.

Fire Brigade officials managed to arrive on the spot as soon as they could, but by the time they arrived at the spot, Mr. Arora’s body was already charred to death. Fire officials have sent the body of Mr Arora to Babu Jagjeevan Ram Memorial Hospital in order to carry out post-mortem.

Mr. Arora is a resident Dilshad Garden and worked at a telecom company. Onlookers stated that out of the blue Mr. Arora’s car started emitting thick black smoke. Within seconds the car was engulfed by flames. People nearby tried to help almost immediately, but everything happened so fast that they were unable to save Mr. Arora’s life. Mr. Arora even tried to get out of the car himself, but the car’s central locking system failed and he was trapped inside the burning car.

It is yet to be ascertained why the Maruti Alto car caught fire. However, initial investigations reveal that the CNG system installed in the car was the reason behind the car catching fire.

After hearing about the incident on News channels, Mr. Arora’s brother Pradeep arrived at the hospital and stated, “He did not deserve such a gruesome death. We were a happy family. Now, everything is over.” Mr. Girish Kohli, relative of Mr. Arora, said, “We did not inform his wife or mother as they won’t be able to bear the shock. He was a young man and it’s unfortunate that he had to die this way. We have been shocked by the incident.”

According to experts, the car probably caught fire due to a fuel leak in the engine bay. Short circuit must have triggered the leak to catch fire. It is also possible that a crack near the battery or engine of the car can lead to fire. Only forensic tests can tell the exact reason of Mr. Arora’s car catching fire.

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Source TheIndianExpress