Audi Q7 on Fire, no one injured

Recently a very strange and rare accident was reported in the Zamrudpur area of South-East Delhi. It was reported that on Monday afternoon, at nearly 1:30 PM, a parked Audi Q7 caught flames. This high end luxury car was owned by Amod, son of Veer Singh who was the former Member of Legislative Assembly from Badarpur. It has been stated that Amod parked his Audi Q7 to go a gym nearby.

But a few minutes later some people who were passing by saw smoke coming out of the car and raised the alarm. Within minutes the car was totally consumed in fire. By the time Amod was notified about the unfortunate incident and he came at the scene, his Audi Q7 was quite literally a ball of fire.

audi-q7-on-fire-new-delhiAudi Q7 caught fire at New Delhi

The fire flames were lashing out and soon it started to spread. A Maruti 800 parked right next to the Audi Q7 also caught fire. It took no time for the two cars to be completely gutted in fire. Fearing that an explosion might take place due to the fire reaching the fuel tanks of the cars, the onlookers quickly moved the other vehicles that were parked near the two cars to a safer distance.

The fire brigade was notified but by the time they could reach, the two cars were completely unrecognizable and charred. Officials of the Greater Kailash police station carried out the initial investigations on the scene. As per these investigations, a short circuit might have led to the incident. However, more sound and validated reports are still awaited as the forensic experts as working on it.

The international automaker Audi’s Indian division has not made any official statement about the incident so far. Audi Q7 is one of the finest cars manufactured by the celebrated and popular car brand.


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SourceTimes of India