India could soon get glow in the dark highways which don’t need street lights

The highways of India have often been subject to road accidents due to poor lighting conditions. With changing times and improvement in the road safety norms, India could get luminous highways in the years to come. These streets don’t oblige road lights. The have a photo luminescent covering which makes lines, which emit their light naturally. These lines are get charged by sunlight.


These interstates cost 15-20% more than general highways and are now being used in different nations. In India, they are prone to be utilized as a part of hilly areas, which have numerous dark corners and turns..

Since these streets don’t oblige road lights, they could help save energy and power. An administration study uncovers that the energy consumption required for street lighting will be 13.2 TWh by 2020. This is twice as much as the power utilized in 2010. Road lights are on for over 4,000 hours for every year and this required a considerable amount of power utilization.

The higher authority trust that the streets will likewise function admirably in foggy conditions as drivers will be guided by lines, which thusly will expand street well-being. Rumble strips could be added along the paths to caution drivers. The condition of the roads play a key role in determining the safety of the people driving on it and such measures will surely help the country in establishing better road conditions.

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Source: ET Auto