Unbelievable – Nissan Frontier saves Aeroplane from Crashing!

An airplane with certain issues with its landing gear attempts a significantly risky crash landing. A local TV anchor reporting the incident stated that as this was being carried out, whole of the airport was holding its breath silently praying for a safe landing. It appears someone had even started to shoot the incident on their mobile phone.

nissan-frontier-saves-crashing-aeroplaneIn a new ad campaign for Frontier, Nissan saves a stricken airplane

Just as it seemed that things are going amiss and a tragedy is about to occur, a small truck drives on to the runway as a rescue. Travelers inside the terminal abandoned to monitor their own check-ins and were glued to the scene. They watched the entire action unfold from a window as the driver attempts to do the impossible. Call it risky, brave or foolish, the driver pulled up under the nose of the unfortunate jumbo jet. By doing so, the driver was able to help bring the plane thereby saving the lives of hundreds of terrified passengers on board.

This definitely sounds like a scene out of a great action movie. However, it is a new advertisement for the Nissan Frontier. The Nissan Frontier is a middle sized truck that is strong and sturdy enough to tackle any problem or obstacle beyond the confines of reason and logic.

It is a remarkable ad as it takes efforts to even attempt an advertisement that is so highly ambitious. The video has been executed in a very well manner giving it a look of a real incident and a genuine piece of footage but revealing itself to be an advertisement at the same time. What is the most remarkable thing about the Nissan Frontier ad is that it has convinced a huge number of people into actually believing that it is real.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at the video yourself, after a jump!

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