Mercedes-Benz Actros carries Caterpillar 797

Caterpillar 797 is a series of haul trucks that are colossal in size. These trucks have been specifically designed to cater the need of driving around quarries, carrying large boulders, etc. The Caterpillar 797 trucks also support a kerb weight that in itself weighs about hundreds of tons, with or without any load. Very few land vehicle exist that are more impressive, bigger or massive than Caterpillar 797 haul trucks.

mercedes-benz-actros-carries-caterpillar-797Caterpillar 797 getting a piggy-back ride from a Mercedes-Benz Actros remains unimaginable and unbelievable

When you imagine a haul truck, the immediate image will be that of a quarry or mining area in a faraway area, strolling, carrying the humongous weight. As these trucks are nearly 5 to 6 times bigger in width and about 6 to 7 times bigger in height as compared to a normal passenger car, you will be unable to image a Caterpillar 797 working in cities. But then how do they reach the actual site from the factory?

At times these haul trucks can be broken down into pieces that can be carried separately and then assembled at the quarry. However, it consumes a lot of time and effort and, hence, is not a viable option always. Thus, in such situations a new means is used. A second or third generation trailer designed by the celebrated and immensely popular international automaker Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz Actros, can carry the gigantic Caterpillar 797. Though the size of the trailer is petty in comparison to the haul truck, do not judge it by its size only.

The super impressive Mercedes Benz Actros is a wonderful creation that has made the transportation of haul trucks very easy and convenient. However, a concern still persists regarding the purpose of designing such trailers because when they carry the truck, a huge weight is spread on a comparatively smaller area and can, hence, have damaging effect on the road.


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