Hyped Flying Maruti 800

Aren’t there enough occasions when you think you could just soar over the traffic jams in the sweltering heat? The next time you are stuck in the jam, just make your car airborne and land on an empty lane after flying for a distance. Sounds unbelievable?

Hyped Flying Maruti 800

If the developer of the much-hyped ‘Flying Maruti Car’, A.K. Vishwanath, CEO of BLOREAN Company is to be believed, the car will be ready to fly within a few months. On Wednesday, the Flying Car (KA–09 N 2920) was on show for the first time in the static display section at the Aero India 2011.

He has named the car ‘Avish-Car’ as his nickname Vish, from his younger days, goes. The car, with minor modification can fly for about 500 meters as claimed by the innovator. The car has four rotating blades fitted on the four corners of the roof, and a vacuum section around the tyres. The car has undergone several engineering alterations so that it gives the necessary lift to make the 700 kg car airborne.

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Mr A K Vishwanath said that over a decade-long R&D had gone into creating the flying car.

“I must thank the air show organisers for allowing me to showcase something unique. Within a few months, I expect to have a Wright Brothers moment when I make this car airborne,” said Mr Vishwanath, who has worked in the US as a software engineer in chip designing.

Work on the car began during the early ’90s in the garage at Mr Vishwanath’s house in Banashankari 3rd Stage. The car retains the engine of a Maruti 800 (1994 make) and the developer claims that the car will fly on petrol.

“I choose Maruti 800 because I wanted to create a flying car out of a basic model. Since the production of Dolphin cars was stopped, I chose this car,” Mr Vishwanath recalled. You can meet Mr Vishwanth in Hall G at 36B A5 (O) Stand at the air show or contact him on [email protected]

Source – Deccan Herald