Tips – 5 ways to survive, if your car catches fire

Recently, a lot of incidents have come up where the automobiles have been catching fire. According to the reports, Delhi has witnessed, on average, one death a month in such events. As these incidents are increasing, the government has been prompted to create a roadmap to carry out investigation within a time frame. They will also be ensuring that the automakers repair any faults that may come to light in this investigation. Till then, we feel it is important for people who commute via cars to know some tips about how to endure an unfortunate event of car blaze.

5-ways-to-survive-if-your-car-catches-fire5 ways to survive – if your car catches fire

So here are 5 simple ways in which you can survive the event of your car catching fire:

1.  The first thing you need to do is stop the car and get out of it as soon as you detect smoke or fire arising from the engine.
2.  You need to prioritize. In case of fire inside the car, do not waste time collecting your belongings as the car may burst into flames at any given time. Forget them and rush for safety outside the car.
3.  Precaution is of immense importance. You must keep come safety nets in your car in order to avoid any fatal events related to the car catching fire. This may include a small hammer or some other tool that can help you smash the window and escape. Keeping a small fire extinguisher is also recommended.
4.  In such events you need to use your presence of mind. Do not panic and ley the nerves get you. If the car blaze begins on the front end, rush to the rear set and try to break the rear window or the tailgate of your car.
5.  In case you are caught in and the car is aflame, do not judge the event as minor, seek outside help immediately.

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