CAR at PAR with BIKE: New lease of life for Economical Drive

First thing a youngster in a majority would think of owning a Car and having one such the list has too much of spoiled choices. From color to style, seating capacity to cubic power, dashy to classy look, list of add-on accessories just makes it even more unique for themselves. The love of vehicle would make them keeping it maintained and fully-loaded.


However, gradually when they grow mature and priority of life changes. It doesn’t mean that the love for their car is diminished but understands the cost of maintaining has to go hand-in-hand. As in long run vehicle demands more of you. A preferred fuel-type for vehicle in accordance to individual usage becomes equally important.

It’s been 5 years that I am driving my car but lately I got installed CNG for better fuel efficiency. With too many advises coming from everywhere it was difficult to pick-up what to opt for. Well, everybody goes through this phase once. Somehow it was easier for me after completing 3 warranty years on my Chevrolet Beat which was not giving fuel-efficiency and started burning my pockets like anything. I decided to get it converted to CNG and enjoy dual-fuel drive facility. With this I mean I can choose to drive either on petrol or on CNG as and when I feel like.


With growing popularity and government clearance on usage of CNG driven vehicle made me feel inclined towards getting my vehicle installed with CNG kit. And decision has paid well. With anticipated surprise, my expense went less than half wherein I was able to drive more often than my usual habit. My entire family started addressing the advantage of getting in converted except my poor bike. Indeed, must have felt left-out. Bike has its own advantage However Car scored much more than that any day. All saving towards fuel has also shared my regular expense on car maintenance and upliftment of car look and style. Same old budget of petrol expenses has started yielding much more than my expectation.

I highly recommend CNG conversation on existing vehicle and also to those who are planning to by petrol driven vehicle.

Decision of getting my vehicle converted to CNG was though easy but it also has science behind having my full conviction to opt for it.


by Anjar Aamir

(Special thanks to our reader Anjar Aamir for the article, you guys also keep sending us more such articles.)

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