iSAVE SC-1 with external airbags to go on sale in Japan

iSAVE SC-1 with external airbags to go on sale in Japan

Some cars you can just look at and instantly tell, ‘yes, this is going to catch on’. This iSAVE SC-1, creatively, features externally mounted airbags; so it’d be like constantly driving around inside a jumping castle. Enough said.

It’s a compact city runabout car made in Japan by a company called Humanix with input from researchers at Hiroshima University, and it will be put on the market soon in its domestic market. It features an electric powertrain and has three wheels.

The quirkiest feature of the iSAVE SC-1 is the inflatable exterior. Every side of the car, except the roof and underbody, is fitted with impact-absorbing inflated pillows, particularly at the front and rear.

These airbags are able to absorb energy in the event of an impact. We’re not quite sure what would happen in a head-on accident at a reasonable speed, but iSAVE SC-1 drivers won’t have to worry too much about that, as the top speed of the iSAVE is just 50km/h.

The iSAVE SC-1 will hit the market with prices starting at around US$10,400. Take a look at the video below to see the iSAVE in action, colliding with a bunch of men standing up against a car.


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