VW sends a gift to Mark Zuckerberg upon knowing he drives a Golf GTI

Volkswagen surely knows how to treat its customers well. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook is believed to be a pretty down to earth guy and that is precisely the reason that he goes to office in a simple common man’s VW Golf GTI. And this is when he can afford to buy any car in the world. And guess what, VW wasn’t even aware of the same for a long time but it jumped to action as soon as it came to know about it.

VW-gift-for-Mark-ZuckerbergVW sends a gift to Mark Zuckerberg for driving a Golf GTI

Mark Zuckerberg goes to his office in VW Golf GTI Mk 6 and that too with a manual transmission (that means he loves driving because automatics simply take the fun out of driving). It may be surprising for you all but his it ain’t anything new for his friends and family. The man goes to office wearing a T-Shirt and a Jeans and is a simple person in his lifestyle too.

So as soon as the news reached VW headquarters, the Germans jumped to action and wanted to thank the Social Media juggernaut for choosing its car. So it went ahead and uploaded a video on its YouTube corporate account where it showed an employee packing a gift for him along with a Thank You note. The company sent over a Golf GTI sweater to the man as a thank you gift and signed it as “Your friends at Volkswagen”.

We know it’s a very small thing for a man of his calibre and stature but it is the gesture what matters and VW surely made a good one. Mark Zuckerberg will surely be happy to see that he has friends back at VW and it won’t be a surprise if he buys a VW in future too or the Germans might just gift one. Watch the video to see for yourself. Till then, stay tuned to BharathAutos for all the news in autoworld.

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