A father converted his Toyota GT86 into Lightning McQueen for his son

Every kid loves cars. The Disney’s movie Cars is one of the most popular movies among the children. Any child would love to see the life size versions of their favorite characters from this movie. However, not every kid gets to see their dream come true. But it just did for a three year old Lucas.

toyota-gt86 -lightning-mcqueen-front-viewLightning McQueen – FrontView

Ryan Lee is a tuning shop owner in Philippines. Lee recently converted his Toyota GT86 into a gorgeous replica of Cars movie’s character Lightning McQueen just for the joy of his 3 year old son. Ryan Lee made use of his connection via the tuning shop to turn his child’s dream into reality.

Lee turned his red Toyota GT86 into his son’s favorite Cars Character Lightning McQueen by commission a set of decals. Lee has also pasted decals of eye on the windscreen. Surely, the eyes will be removed before they use the car. He was quite excited to present the car to Lucas and was anticipating what his reaction might be. A few pictures and a video of the car have been uploaded on the internet.

toyota-gt86 -lightning-mcqueen-rear-viewLightning McQueen – RearView

The car is not just any other GT 86. It has a lot of modifications and upgrades. It comes with a turbocharger kit and can produce a power output of more than 300 BHP. Lucas was over the moon seeing his favorite car from Cars standing right before his eyes! Lee was mighty happy to see his son bouncing with happiness.

Many such incidents have been coming into light where a father or a son has either turned their car into their loved ones favorite mean machine or have somehow managed to give them a taste of their dreams by managing to give them an access to their dream cars. We hope to come across many more similar heartwarming incidents.

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