7-year old gets a surpirse ride in Lamborghini on his birthday

Small children totally adore sports cars. They go crazy when they spot one. There is a different light in their eyes and their face changes completely! They simply cannot resist looking and admiring these mean machines with respite. One such child is Jacob. He recently turned 7-year old and has a great love for cars, especially Lamborghini. All he desired for on his birthday was to get a ride in his dream car.

seven-year-old-gets-surpirse-ride-lamborghini-on-birthday7-year old gets a surpirse ride in Lamborghini on his birthday

So, his father decided to put a small effort in making his dreams come true. Jacob’s father posted a small message to Lamborghini North Los Angeles. He stated that his son will be turning 7 on April 20th and that the family is having a small party at their home in Hancock park. He expressed his son’s love and craze for Lamborghini cars.

The father went on to mention that in order to make his dream of owning a Lamborghini one day, Jacob works very hard at school to attain 100% marks in tests on which his father gives him $10. Jacob has been saving this money and so far has collected $400. The father then requested that he would be very thankful and it will be a dream come true for his son, if someone with a kind heart would allow his son to sit in or get a short drive in a Lamborghini.

It was very heartwarming to see how the Lamborghini North Los Angeles along with a few of their customers decided to make Jacob feel that dreams do come true. They surprised the birthday boy with a ride in his favorite car. It is surely a birthday memory he will remember and cherish forever. There is a very joyful video of the kid and his experience of a ride in Lamborghini going around over internet.

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