Matte black Lamborghini Aventador crashed into parked BMW 320d (Video)

It will come as a heart break and shock that two cars of celebrated automakers Lamborghini and BMW collided. It was the matte black Lamborghini Aventador that rammed into a standing BMW 320d. It suffered immense damages.

The accident happened last-week in central London. The driver of the matte black Lamborghini Aventador was speeding the car on Sloane Street. The driver lost control of the Maserati GranTurismo Sport and the racing car accidently hit a parked BMW 320d. The owner of the BMW 320d was Lila Afshar, an art consultant. Ms. Afshar was returning to the car after having a Mother’s Day launch with her two daughters.

matte-black-lamborghini-aventador-crashed-parked-bmw-320dMatte black Lamborghini Aventador crashed into parked BMW 320d

Though the BMW 320d could not be seen in the video, a damaged Mazda was easily visible. Perhaps it was responsible for the Lamborghini Aventador getting damaged from both the sides. The hearts of many super car enthusiasts and Lamborghini Aventador lovers will shatter to see the mighty car in such a disgruntled state. However, it comes as a relief that the drives of the two cars were not hurt in the accident.

Lamborghini is famous for manufacturing some of the finest super cars. Its Aventador is immensely popular and has huge fan following. BMW, too, enjoys great popularity in the markets across the world. The two automakers make use of great technology to create some of the finest, most luxurious and quality products available in the market. Their range of cars is huge and varied. Though they are very expensive, Lamborghini and BMW products offer a wide variety of comfort, luxury and safety oriented features that makes their cars worth every penny. The sole experience of riding a BMW or Lamborghini is quite different and unique. However, caution must always be exercised while driving any vehicle. Road safety is of paramount importance.

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