17-Year-Old Girl gets surprise ride from High School in Lamborghini Aventador (Video)

How would one feel if they had a Lamborghini Aventador? That is car not many own but everybody desires to. A better experience still would be to own one and drive around in one. But how about a back to home ride from school in one? Well, the same came true for a 17-year old school girl when her former neighbor decided to give her a ride back home in his Azure Blue Lamborghini Aventador.

17-year-old-girl-surprise-high-school-ride-lamborghini-aventador17-Year-Old Girl gets surprise ride from High School in Lamborghini Aventador

Allen Wong, a popular app-developer did so for his former neighbor and drove her from her school to the Times Square in the city of New York. He filmed the ride by using three GoPro cameras which were pointed outwards to record the reactions of the people when the car passed them. It surely proved that a Lamborghini does attract a lot of attention, no matter which city it is in.

The video description stated that he wished to make the girl smile as she had a difficult childhood, lived in a poor neighborhood and had a family that couldn’t afford a car. The girl can be heard giggling throughout the video. Wong stated that, “I’ve had this neighbor for many years when I was living in a poorer neighborhood. And I had moved to Florida a few years ago after I made my fortune. I came back to my hometown for a visit a few months ago, and I brought my Lamborghini with me. I saw an opportunity to make the kid’s day much brighter, and I took it. All profits made from the ads in this video will be donated to her college fund.”

A Lamborghini can turn heads around anywhere it may go, and at the same time bring a smile to somebody’s face and get them a college fund too.

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