While Cheetah picks XUV500, Tiger roars for Scorpio

SUVs are meant to rule the roads and Mahindra Scorpio is one such SUV which has an immense amount of road presence. What also has an immense presence off as well as on the roads is a Tiger. And today we have for you the video of how a tiger fell asleep on the top of a Mahindra Scorpio. We associate the XUV500 with the cheetah and in South Africa, the Scorpio might be associated with the tiger from here on.

At the John Varty’s Tiger Sanctuary in South Africa, a Mahindra Scorpio was taking some tourists for a jungle safari when the tiger decided it was time for its afternoon nap on the car’s rooftop. The tiger climbed on top of the car, chewed the spare tyre which was present on the top, cuddled up to the tyre and slept-off.

The same was caught on candid camera and uploaded by the videographer Seth Rotherham who did so at the private game reserve Tiger Canyons. John Varty who owns the sanctuary was driving the car and could not get the tiger to move from the roof top. So he decided to drive around with the tiger on top but he did not get down even then. When the road got pretty rough, it was then that the tiger decided to get down and rest elsewhere.

XUV500’s TVC had a cheetah climb on the bonnet of the car whereas in this case, it was not a shoot for a TVC and was pretty real. Mahindra South Africa is a division of Mahindra and Mahindra India and has the likes of Scorpio, XUV500, Xylo, Quanto and Bolero on-sale there. There are times when you get happiness out of something you’d never expect to. This was one of them.

Check out the animated ad of Mahindra XUV500, after a jump.


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