3 kids get locked in Mahindra Verito, suffocate to death
3 kids get locked in Mahindra Verito, suffocate to death

A school holiday turned tragic for three children who suffocated to death in a Mahindra Verito parked at a car dealership, Global Gallery Agency Pvt Ltd, Kalher village in Bhiwandi.

The children were playing on field around 11:30am. After around an hour, they decided to enter into an adjacent garage which had capacity to park more than 400 cars. The kids entered into the garage through a compound wall in which there was 25 foot wide opening. The owner employed just two security guards for the rather large godown and that too the guards kept a watch only at the front gate.

After entering into garage, the three kids entered the car which was unlocked. Once inside, though, the children did not know how to open its doors. There were marks on the dusty windowpanes, indicating that they had unsuccessfully struggled to break them open, investigating police officers told.

Bodies of three kids named Rubi Maji (5), her brother Dilip Maji (7) and their friend Raj Soni (6) were discovered inside a Mahindra Verito at Global Gallery Pvt Ltd, a car warehouse, after a daylong search by their parents and police. The bodies were sent for a post mortem, which revealed that the children died of suffocation.

The victim’s family demanded action against the godown’s owner saying if the compound wall had been properly constructed and if the car had been locked, the tragedy would have been averted. The police have local Narpoli police have seized the car and arrested the godown’s manager Amit Sakpal and even booked the director Sunitkumar Malhotra, director of the car dealership, Global Gallery Agency Pvt Ltd, under various sections of the IPC.
‘May God give the strength to the family in this tough times. RIP Rubi Maji, Dilip Maji & Raj Soni.’


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Image CreditIndian Express