30 trucks result in over 500 accidents in a day

The phrase “Men will be Men” has been true since ages and probably would remain true in times to come as well. AdvTruck, a niche advertising company in Moscow which provides transit media advertising through its trucks just launched a campaign to announce the fact that its advertising trucks attract the attention marketers need.

Its 30 trucks traveled through out Moscow with large billboards of women’s breasts on them. On them it was written “they attract” and the company’s phone numbers. Needless to say, the trucks attracted quite a lot of attention with many drivers taking their eyes off the road to look at the billboard. This resulted in over 500 accidents taking place due to these in a single day in Moscow.

advert-featuring-woman-breasts-causes-500-accidents-day-moscow-distracted-male-driversDistracting: This is the advert pu on the side of 30 trucks and said to have caused 500 car crashes in Moscow

The 30 trucks caused 517 accidents to be precise due to lack of attention from the drivers as they gazed at the billboards. AdvTruck, however has agreed to indemnify for the damages caused in the accidents wholeheartedly as the agency got the attention it was seeking and its message went across. It was trying to send out the message that these advertising trucks attract attention and they indeed got a lot of attention.

Another fact is that all these accidents were caused by men. The advertising company AdvTruck wanted to present an innovative and efficient means of advertising on the sides of these trucks with a GPS target. It has been positioned as a cheaper alternative to the billboards and more effective than those. And with all the crashes happening around as a result of these, the message of these being effective has surely gone through.

They surely have a long bills to pay up after the campaign but it’s probably an investment which will indeed get them going and give them the popularity they are seeking. As far as the marketers are concerned, they know which agency to approach.

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Source Dailymail