Rs. 27.68 lakh in traffic fine for this Porsche 911 owner

Ahmedabad Police warned the public about a routine check at the end of November 2019. A random stop ended with the apprehension of a Porsche 911 driver by PSI MB Virja. of the West Police Ahmedabad Traffic.


It was determined at the time that the vehicle was driven without a number plate and also there were no valid documents. The car was seized, levying a fine of Rs 9.80 lakh. Now Ahmedabad Police received an update six weeks after the incident.

Gujarat RTO seems to have increased the fine to Rs 27.68 lakh. The crime is still classified as not having necessary records. ‘The said department of police also claims that this is one of the country’s highest fines ever imposed.


Basic documents required while driving are certificates for vehicle registration (RC), insurance papers, a driving license, and certificates for pollution under control (PUC). Recently, if they do not carry the bulk of them in person, one is allowed to show a copy of these documents on the digilocker.

While fines have been revised in recent times in accordance with the 2019 Motor Vehicles Amendment Act, no fine in the amended list is as high as a few noticeable lakhs. While Aggregators (Violations of Licensing Conditions) may attract a fine of up to one lakh, a basic outline of this huge fine helps to better understand it.


For now, this is all the available information. The registered number of this vehicle is referred to as JH01DB0524. The balance tax as per order for the period from (07-Jan-2020 to 28-Aug-2033) is Rs 16 lakh as MV Tax. Rs 7,68,000 is the interest levied on the MV tax. Fine / Penalty / Addl. fee is listed as Rs 4 lakh. That’s a total cumulative of Rs 27,68,000.


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Source: Rushlane