Rs. 2.5 crore fine for over-speeding paid by a Ferrari owner in India

Some two weeks ago, John Pascal’s Ferrari was impounded by the police. The reason was that he was passing across the Worli promenade in South Mumbai at a very high speed. He was caught and arrested for over-speeding. He had to pay a hefty fine of Rs. 2.5 crores in the form of bonds in order to get back his Ferrari. This incident happened on March 30.

25-year-old-john-pascal-ferrari-f430-scuderia-impounded-mumbai-policeJohn Pascal’s Ferrari F430 Scuderia seized by the cops after he was spotted speeding by Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria

Pascal, Pedder Road businessman, was spotted driving at the speed of 120 kilometer per hour by Rakesh Maria, police chief who was on night patrol. Maria immediately informed the control room and the car was halted at the Annie Besant road. Pascal was willing to present his car any time during the trial as he promised the court. However, after his prized possession was seized by the cops, they refused to return it to him.

Traffic police officials also insisted on canceling the driving license of Pascal because he has been repeatedly violating traffic rules and regulations. Earlier this year, Pascal got on the wrong side of the law as he was caught speeding this Ferrari together with a businessman who was driving his Lamborghini at a very high speed. Though the cars were stopped, the police failed to prosecute the drivers. This time, however, they succeeded and wanted to convey a strict message to all the people who drive recklessly on road, endangering their lives as well as that of passing commuters.

The entire incident was surrounded by a lot of buzz. After much contemplation and deliberation, it was finalized, as has been revealed, that John Pascal should pay a fine of Rs. 2.5 crore to get back his car. All the formalities were carried out and the Mumbai police handed over the Ferrari to its rightful owner.


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