VIDEO: Kia Carnival crashed into dealership wall during delivery

For most people, buying a car is a dream that many years will finally come true. It usually involves meticulous financial planning, research, contemplation and, in some cases, a few sacrifices. For many, a car is not just a transport tool, but a status symbol, a matter of pride. And, naturally, pulling your brand new car out of the showroom on an auspicious day with ribbons and flowers is no doubt a special feeling, one that is burned in your mind.

The Kia Carnival crashed into the showroom wall due to driver error.

Unfortunately, new car deliveries could also turn out to be nightmares if you let your enthusiasm and lack of driving experience get the best of you, as this poor Kia Carnival driver has learned. Such instances of brand-new vehicles crashing within a few yards of starting their lives happen more often than they should, particularly in India, and it is heartbreaking to say the least.

It seems that the showroom staff gave the driver a simple low-level control shortly after the disastrous Carnival started to move forward, with the driver not completely aware of the situation. It looks like it’s not used to run an automatic transmission.

With hardly any room left for an evasive maneuver, the premium MPV value of INR 30 lakh (on-road) meets the concrete wall. It appears that the driver panicked and accelerated at the very last moment (evidently when the front wheel was spinning at the time of impact), causing further damage. The effect was serious enough for the front airbags to be deployed.

Luckily, nobody’s hurt. This could have been worse because there were a few people around the car, including a guy right in front of it, just a few seconds before it started rolling. The repair bills are going to be heavy, but the financial drain is nothing compared to the pain of destroying your coveted set of wheels before you even got a chance to get out of the showroom premises. Needless to say, the broken Kia Carnival will have to spend a few days at the workshop before it can become a worthy road again, and it would take some time for the driver to come to terms with what happened.

Kia Carnival crashed into dealership wall during delivery.

Not long ago, very similar accidents came to our attention. One of them was Kia Seltos, on display on the first floor of the showroom, plunging his nose down to the ground due to the driver’s negligence. The VW Polo ended up upside down, though leaving the showroom is just as crazy.

If you are not very confident about driving, especially in tight spaces, it is strongly recommended that you take an experienced driver with you at the time of delivery. Binning the car like that looks and tastes like that!


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