Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) President thrashes toll booth operator (Video)

In a shocking, though not quite uncommon, incident a tool booth attendant has to suffer the thrashes of the President of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike followers in Chitradurga for apparently no other reason that simply doing his duty. According to the CCTV footage that captured the entire scene unfold, the political followers come out of their cars angrily and attack the hapless toll both operator just because he demanded the toll fees to be paid.

Toll-booth-operator-thrashed-by-KRV-PresidentKarnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) President thrashes toll booth operator

What appears really ironical is the fact that this outrageous act was carried out by Karnataka Rakshana Vedike which literally translates to Karnataka Protection Forum. Located in the state of Karnataka, India, KRV is a right wing Kannada conservative organization. The organization has over 60 lakh followers from India as well as abroad. The main agenda of the forum is to protect the interests of its people. But it is sad to see that the leader of the party is such that he lashes out on an innocent person just for doing his regular job.

The entire episode that has been recorded on the CCTV camera inside the booth is proof enough to the fact that President of the KRV and his three-four followers used angry words with the toll booth personnel. The followers became violent as well because, as the footage reveals, just moments later windows were shattered, doors were broken down and the key board of the computer on which the operator was working was thrown on the ground. It was luck that a brave attendant intervened to stop the matter from getting any worse.

There have been many such incidents across the country where the operators of the toll booths have become victim of the outrage from different political parties. Not so long along some workers of Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena were arrested for vandalizing the tool booth at Khairgoan, Maharashtra.

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