Rickshaw driver caught threatening a female TV star ‘Monaz Mevawala’ on a video

Road rage is become even more apparent than it was a few years back. Road rage involves not just rash driving and accidents, but also the abuse and attack on the fellow drivers on the road. Many are even killed in the anger. Another incident of road rage has appeared. Monaz Mevawala, a female television actor, uploaded a video of herself being subjected to road rage by a rickshaw driver as she was driving her car in Mumbai. The video went viral and attracted a lot of attention. Viewers have left a lot of comments on the post criticizing the wrongful behavior and the risk of being vandalized in the same manner.

Monaz was going for her shoot in the afternoon. She encountered a rickshaw driver at a signal. He was constantly looking at her. Even when the signal went green, he did not budge and was obstructing her way. When Monaz tried to over-take him, the driver became angry and charged at her. He even scratched her car with his side mirror. When his mirror broke, he became even more agitated and tried hitting her car with a bamboo stick. He even threatened her with violence. Though Monaz tried to escape, he approached and blocked her thrice.

The ordeal just did not stop here. At the very next opportunity, the driver approached her from the right side and tried hitting the car again with the stick. She took a picture of him and recorded a video of the rickshaw driver trying to not just break the car but also break in. as soon as the driver realized she was recording the incident, he ran away.

Monaz also urged the viewers to spread the message. She stated that she will go to the police and was hopeful that they will take appropriate action and get hold of the culprit.

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