TVS Star City – A complete family bike (video)

One thing that always brings a smile to every Indian’s face and also a sense of pride in our people is the time we come across any Desi Jugaad. This common feeling is something which adds to the unity in diversity in our country. These Jugaads get things done for us along with the laughter that is brought by the silly parts involved in them.

Whether it’s the making of lassi in Punjab in washing Machines to the 130 people loaded 50-seater buses, we Indians know one thing very well – adjust karna. Rightly said in a dialogue in Rang De Basanti –

“Yaar humein bachpan se hi sikhaaya jaata hai, adjust kariyo. Train mein 3 ki jagah 6 baithe honge, saatva aake baith jaayega – bolega  ‘yaar, thoda adjust karle’ ”

TVS Star City with 6 people 2 dogs and loads of luggage

The sales of Tata Nano didn’t go as expected by Tata. While spending crores of rupees on its R&D it somehow didn’t realise India already has an economical family car.  The 50km/litre bike already has the four seater capacity according to the masses. Helmet too has to be worn by the rider only and that when one sees a policewaala at the next chowk.

Coming at 1/3rd the cost of Nano, low maintenance cost, equal top speed and Open roof (to enjoy the moonlight and natural breeze when you are “speeding” down the highway) makes it an easy choice for the public. And coming to the social status benefits that the makers of Nano thought that every person in India could enjoy also back-fired. Over-hyping the launch of the world’s most Economical car was badly referred by the Indian Media as the world’s Cheapest Car, and unintentionally they meant ‘Cheap’ which spoils the Social Status rather than exalting it.

Now the following video shows, an Indian family of 6 riding on a bike with two dogs and a bunch of bags. Life is good when you don’t need a gas-guzzling SUV to transport your family.


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See the video TVS Star City with 6 people 2 dogs and loads of luggage –