Japan’s underworld has customized Lamborghinis

If your Lamborghini not attracting much attention as it used to? Well there are a few things that you can do to it to grab eyeballs. The yakuza in the underground of Tokya has now customized their Lamborghinis by warping them in vinyl covers, strings of colorful LEDs and even flashing lights!

japans-underworld-has-customized-lamborghini-convoyJapan’s underworld has customized Lamborghinis

Luke Huxham is a Japan based director as well as cinematographer. Last year, Mr. Huxham had created a mini-documentary giving viewers as good look into this subculture. This new subculture appears to have blossomed from loud and illegal bōsōzoku bike gangs that have some young and daredevil drivers. The director-cinematographer was able to gain access to Morohoshi-san who permitted him to come and shoot this documentary regarding the gang with their customized and personalized Lamborghinis.

Morohoshi-san stated in the documentary that they do not do so just for the thrill of it. He mentioned that his bōsōzoku is for the search and quest of identifying and being who he is. Morohoshi-san further stated that he has been fascinated with customized Lamborghinis from the young age of 17 years ever since he saw and heard about this awesome Italian supercar. In the documentary, Morohoshi-san stated that he was mesmerized with the Lamborghini and it prompted his decision to drive it no matter what comes at stake.

japan-underworld-has-customized-shining-lamborghini-gallardoJapan’s underworld has customized Lamborghinis

The documentary does not reveal much information about the activities of Morohoshi-san and his friends that they carry out to make a living. However, it is quite apparent that they find these flashy and blinged out customized Lamborghinis as an expression of themselves. According to a rumor, a Lamborghini fan came in touch with Morohoshi sam as well as his group sometime earlier this year.

The fan then uploaded a short video revealing some of the newest custom designs on the popular video sharing website, YouTube. The highlight of this video is a Lamborghini covered in holographic vinyl cover flashing eye popping colors.

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