Japanese ‘light trucks’ banned from the highway

Japanese 'light trucks' banned from the highway

Apparently, families in Japan spend months pimping out their ‘light trucks’ with more sparkle than the Christmas tree in your living room.

A part of the trucking culture in Japan, takes blingin’ and pimpin’ your ride to a whole new level with amazing artwork, a Megatron-like body kit and a bunch of lights. Each one has so many lights that an extra generator has to be fit under the chassis to power them and they can only be turned on for 20 minutes before they overheat.

The custom trucks cost around £100,000 (INR 69,43,670) each to hand-decorate. We’re not sure how lucrative it is being a trucker in Japan but we’re guessing they do pretty well.

The final effect is so bright that they are not road legal when the lights are on. So why and when do these truckers bling out their rides? Story goes that these trucks meet to show off their latest modifications just like you meet up with your friends to show off your latest tricked out ride.


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Source – DailyMail
Image Source – Roger Snider