The Insider Guide to Car Park Ticket Machines

When you choose the perfect car park ticket machine, there are several factors and options that you need to consider and that is for both your convenience and your client’s convenience as well. A car park ticket machine can be a blessing or a true trouble and a good research will save you a lot of unexpected problems in the future. There are several types of car park ticket machines and each type is a perfect fit for a certain type of parking area so knowing your establishment will help a lot when you decide what ticket machine you will invest in. Here are some aspects to consider before you make up your mind.

1. Cash/Credit cards ticket machines: 

Decide if you are going to use a cash ticket machine or a credit card ticket machine or both, considering the last option also being the best one because it covers a wider variety of clients and possibilities. Ticket machines that cover both cash and credit cards forms of payment are very popular due to their high level of functionality and the time they save for the users who can pay with whatever means they have available at that moment.

2. Ticket machine or payment station:

The market offers you the possibility to get one or more Ticket machines for your parking area or Payment stations and there are significant differences when it comes to the options these two different types of payment that might be significantly important to you or your clients. A Payment station offers your clients a screen with customisation options from important ones to aesthetic ones, that will increase the quality of your parking area altogether. By investing in a Payment station, you will be able to choose colours, different styles of background images, logos that you can incorporate into the displays, photos, language versions and options that will accommodate different clients, and specific tailor-made functions, all of which can be added to a large and inviting touch screen. You can use such a device to run video presentations that will advertise your services and please your client’s eyes as well. A Ticket machine will offer your clients the possibility to pay by coins, banknotes or credit cards of all kinds and the setting of terminals is variable which will allow payments in any amounts or in established amounts according to specific needs and necessities that your clients will have but it will not offer all the other facilities that a Payment station will. Bottom line, you will have to choose what is important for you as a company and what will be more efficient for your clients before purchasing any of these systems.

3. Automatic barriers or Exit ticket terminal:

Automatic barriers and Exit ticket terminals might be seen as optional but in fact, they are a great addition to your parking system and they will ease your job and your clients access in and out of the parking area. Automatic barriers are used at every closed car park or parking area and they are well worth it for a variety of facilities such as hotels, sport, culture or business facilities. You can use these Automatic barriers in any space that requires traffic regulations or parking fees and they are accessible and easy to use. Exit ticket terminals are more complex than Automatic barriers and they include parking ticket reader and validator, barcode technology, an LCD display, a high capacity box for used tickets, high reliability, barrier control, heating and ventilation while they can be accessorized with different other options according to the client’s needs such as magnetic stripe technology, GSM module, occupancy display control or semaphore control.

Whatever payment system you choose to have, make sure you evaluate your parking area truthfully and objectively and try to have a perspective look on it in order to be able to guess what needs you might have to cover in your near future, make your due diligence to avoid unexpected problems. An investment like this should be good to last for years if you do the right choice and should be able to sustain any further changes that you might want to bring to your parking zone. So stay informed and get in touch with one of the specialists in the matter who can offer you a professional advice and consul when you set up a payment system for your parking area.

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