Tips – How to reduce your auto insurance premium?

Tips to reduce your auto insurance premium

A vehicle is an asset for the buyer but only purchasing a vehicle won’t suffice. One ought to get auto insurance for it. Vehicle Insurance is one of the most important factors to be considered while buying a new car. Car insurance is a way to protect the car owner financially from all the risks involved while driving on road. In India, it is mandated by the government that every car plying on-road should be insured.

Mostly, auto insurance is clubbed with huge discounts and freebies to lure more customers. The most attractive being ‘free insurance’. The word ‘free’ attracts maximum attention from buyers but there are hidden clauses in it, which are not disclosed at first. In such case, free insurance provided is only for a year and from second year onwards, it is policyholder’s responsibility to pay the premium and get their policy renewed.

Normally, dealers recovers price of the premium by giving lower discounts. Most of the time, free insurance doesn’t cover various damages caused to the car by floods, etc so, it is important to go through the fine prints of the policy very carefully. Instead of opting for free insurance, buyers should go for higher discounts and buy the car insurance separately. Quality cheap auto insurance can be found at Maryland auto insurance which takes care of all your needs.


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