How to remove oil or grease from car’s cabin

How to remove oil or grease from car’s cabin

It is quite unbelievable but true that the very people who tend the car to run smoothly, are the very culprits who leave dirty oil or grease stains with their smudgy fingers, on the upholstery. But don’t fret. These stains can be easily removed. Of course this is for car lovers for whom it is a treasured possession. There are a few people for whom the car is just a piece of convenience and is used as such. It is just a means of transport with four wheels and a roof.


Wonder cleaner –

All that you really need and that works wonders is a simple can of brake cleaner. Yes, It is hard to believe until you try it out for yourself. This is the wonder stuff used in garages that works very well. Brake cleaners are made up of aliphatic acids and alcohol which dissolves grease in a jiffy…..along with paint. So be careful not to let it touch the painted surfaces in the car’s interior.

Being an aerosol, the brake cleaner is very easy to use. There is no need for any preparation of the stained interior. Just spray the brake cleaner on the stains. Let it remain for a minute or two. Then shampoo it away. In fact it is so potent that it is used as a very effective pesticide as well.

But there is just one word of caution. This liquid is very toxic and lets off a nasty odor. So before you press the nozzle, be sure to keep the car in an open area. Open all the doors, windows, boot and the sun-roof if it has one. Cover your nostril and then use the spray. It might discolor leathers so don’t use it for stains on leather.
Stained Fabric –

Other harmless processes can be used but are not as effective as the brake cleaner. For fabrics, firstly scrape away as much grease as you can with a metal spoon or knife. Next, cover the stain with tissues or fine talc. This will absorb the rest of the oil or grease. Then sponge away the stain with a laundry stain remover and warm water.
Stained Vinyl –

For vinyl upholstery the stains are easier to remove as it does not absorb the oil or grease. Scrape or blot out the surplus oil and grease with blotting paper or an absorbent cloth. Take pieces of brown paper and put them on the stain with the glossy side up. Press a warm iron on the glossy brown paper. This will take out most of the oil and grease. Throw the brown paper pieces away. Use a wet sponge with carpet shampoo for removing the rest of the stain and sponge dry with a dry towel or napkin.
Old Stains –

Old stains need to be treated with petroleum jelly. Lather a little of the petroleum jelly and put it on the stain. Let it stand for 10/15 minutes before treating it with a stain remover.
Stained Leather –

Leather upholstery is best left to professional cleaners.


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