Checklist to maintain before buying a used car

checkpoint-maintain-buying-used-carChecklist to maintain before buying a used car

Having bought a car if any of your friend, relative or acquaintance curses the salesman or his car, perhaps he misses out on some crucial factors and realized it when it was too late. Here are the key points you shouldn’t miss when buying a car.

1. Build Quality:

After the recent news that most Indian cars fail the international crash test, the build quality has become a much talked about aspect. For a country obsessed with mileage, build quality is still pretty much ignored by the buyers.

2. Safety Features:

Considering the pathetic road conditions in the country, one should think of going a step beyond the usual to acquire safety features like ABS, EBD, ESP. It may look an expensive proposition in the beginning but you will realize the value for money if God forbid you face a crisis situation.

3. Ground Clearance:

Considering the road conditions, the need for a better ground clearance can never be over emphasized in India. Be it a taxi or a family car, you also need to see its reaction when it is tested with full load. Pay 20% weight age to ground clearance in your evaluation card.

4. Post Sale Follow Up:

The average life of a car is 5-8 years. For sure it does the rounds of service centers during this period. It is important that the service guys treat you well.

5. Upcoming Launches:

While deciding to go for a car you have been craving for long, won’t you always like to have a look at what else you could own for a similar price? Always keep a tab at the upcoming launches to keep all the options open. BharathAutos gets you all the latest updates. A quick look at the website will keep you in the loop. Follow all the possible magazines, social media and connect with your friends who may offer you a few precious words.


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