12 reasons why India’s most favorite car is still the Ambassador

Ever since its introduction in the year 1958 to the year 2014, Ambassador has been performing great and has definitely come a long way. However, it recently came into light that the Hindustan Motors has suspended the production of this gorgeous car. It has definitely broken quite a few hearts. So here are the 12 reasons why it will always be the most favorite car for an Indian:

1.  When you were a child, you always felt that one of the safest and sturdiest car is your good old and loyal Ambassador.


2.  The screaming siren on the top suits no other car as well as it does at the Ambassador.


3.  Much before SUVs and family cars came into the view in the country, if anyone owned a car it was an Ambassador.


4.  There was a time when you the thought of a VIP car only brought the images of an Ambassador in your mind.


5.  As a child, when you were asked to draw a car, Ambassador was all you ever came up with.


6.  Ambassador is the only earlier generation car that offered ample seating space, leg space and boot space.


7.  We have a firm belief that if one can learn to drive an Ambassador, he/she can master driving any other car.


8.  It was the only car that looked equally good in any color, but it was the white body color that gave it its true majestic look.



9.  When Dilip Chhabria’s concept Ambassador went viral some years ago, our hearts were fluttering with anticipation and hope.


10.  For all Indian generations, a cab simply means an Ambassador.


11.  Even BBC Top Gear rated the Ambassador as the best taxi all across the world.

12.  The Indian street art suits no other car and has never look as amazing as it does on our old and loyal Ambassador.



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Source – Scoop Whoop