Bajaj Discover 150F (half-fairing) and Discover 150S (standard-fairing) comparison

The Bajaj Discover 150F (half fairing) is generally thought of as a much better looking motorcycle than its 150S (standard fairing) brother, but why? This comparison shows us the styling and feature differences between visually similar looking Discovers.

bajaj-discover-150f-150s-comparison-frontBajaj Discover 150S VS 150F – FrontView

1.  Fairing: Firstly, the visual and major difference is the semi-fairing on the 150F and the bikini fairing on the 150S. The 150F has got a semi-fairing which reminds you of the Pulsar 220, while the 150S stays true to the regular sibling.

2.  Instrument Panel: The Discover 150F features a digital-analogue instrument console, while the Discover 150S gets an all-analogue one. The console on the D150F looks significantly up-market than the conventional one in the D150 which looks out-dated.

3.  Features: The 150F gets a digital console on the side which shows two trips meters, a digital odometer, fuel gauge and service due indicator, a Bajaj first for the Discover series. On the other hand the 150S gets an analog fuel gauge, odometer as well as the trip. There is no clock on 150S and neither can we spot the service reminder on this bikini-faired motorcycle.

4.  Variants: The Discover 150S gets 2 variants, the entry-level variant of the Discover 150S makes do with a 130mm drum brake, while the top-end variant of the 150S get a 240mm disc. The 150F comes only in one variant with 240mm disc brakes as standard.

5.  Weight: The Discover 150S disc and drum variants weight at 130 Kg and 129 Kg respectively while the Discover 150F tips the scale at 132 Kg (2kgs heavier than the 150S Disc).

6.  Prices: Obviously! The prices of Discover 150S (Drum) costs Rs. 52,030, making it the cheapest 150cc available in the country. The Discover 150S (Disc) costs Rs. 55,030, and the semi-faired Discover 150F (Disc) is priced at Rs 59,034 (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi).

bajaj-discover-150f-150s-comparison-rearBajaj Discover 150S VS 150F – RearView

In terms of pricing, nobody beats Bajaj as always and in-fact the base drum variant tries to fill the gap where the 125cc motorcycles from competition are priced, making the 150cc Discover insanely tempting. Even the semi-faired 150F, which is the most expensive Discover, is very close to the Hero Achiever, which is the second cheapest motorcycle in this entry 150cc segment!

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2014-bajaj-discover-150f-instrument-console     2014-bajaj-discover-150f-semi-fairing     2014-bajaj-discover-150f-half-fairing

2014-bajaj-discover-150f-front     2014-bajaj-discover-150f-side     2014-bajaj-discover-150f-rear


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2014-bajaj-discover-150s-front     2014-bajaj-discover-150s-side     2014-bajaj-discover-150s-rear