Bajaj RE60 spotted testing with dummy passengers

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-frontBajaj RE60 – FrontView

Spotting a Bajaj RE60 on-test is a common sight in Mangalore. From past 3 months, I’m sighting this RE60 test mule with dummies in and around Mangalore. Finally, I was able to snap this RE60 test mule when the driver was resting under the tree. The company is aggressively testing the RE60 ahead of its launch early next-year. Bajaj Auto seems to be in no mood to play hide-and-seek with its first ever four-wheeler vehicle, the RE60, as it is already revealed to the public.

The RE60 is a small, cheap and four passenger quadricycle which has a rear-engine and is primarily aimed for Indian market to replace the auto rickshaws/3-wheelers. The RE60 four-wheeler can seat 4 people in a 1+3 or 2+2 layout. This test mule was carrying dummies on the rear and front passenger seats to replicate the weight of passengers (each dummy weighs 80 kg). The use of dummies represents as to how the vehicle will handle in real-world-conditions.

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-interiorBajaj RE60 – DashboardView

Bajaj RE60 gives a unique look with its body colored bumpers, skinny and stylish wheels, short wheelbase, fabric covered front windows, rear plastic hatch door, front and rear headlights and Bajaj logo which gives it a refreshing look. The interior also looks fresh with quality material, flat rear bench, central speedometer cluster, gear mounted on dashboard and front and rear seat belts. However, the front seats aren’t finalized yet, there are chances of RE60 getting a push-back seats like the regular cars.

The one which was recently caught testing was the petrol variant. Bajaj is also working on the CNG variant of the RE60 because public transport vehicles in the major metros in the country are mandated be running on this cleaner fuel. The  petrol variant comes powered by a powerful liquid-cooled 216cc four-valve single cylinder DTSi petrol engine which can produce a maximum power of 20 bhp and has a mileage of 35 kmpl with a top speed of 70 kmph. The engine is mated with a 4-speed manual transmission.

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-insideBajaj RE60 – DummiesView

Bajaj RE60 will focus on environmental problems regarding pollution and that’s why it has small CO2 emissions of 60g/km. This hatchback weighs around 400kgs and has a length of 2752mm, width of 1312mm and a height of 1650mm as its dimension. It has disk brakes at front and drum brakes at rear. It has a turning circle radius of 3.5m for easy cruising in crowded Indian cities. Now auto analysts expect the RE60 to cost Rs. 2,00,000 more than the roughly Rs. 1,50,000 for the most basic Bajaj three-wheeler but less than Rs. 2,70,000 for India’s bestselling car, the Maruti Alto hatchback.

According to the government’s policy on quadricycles, the vehicles should be affixed with a ‘Q’ sticker to signify their category, should have a seating capacity of 4, coupled with a hard top and wipers. It will have its usage limited to cities, towns and villages with highways being off limits for the vehicle. A quadricycle can run on LPG, Petrol or CNG. Those were the norms and Bajaj has pretty much met them. Now with the complete policy coming into effect from October 1, we can expect the RE60 to hit the Indian roads and provide for a safer means of transport compared to the auto rickshaws.

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-rearBajaj RE60 – RearView

Bajaj RE60 was the first ever four-wheeler engineered by Indian company Bajaj Auto and was first unveiled 2012 Auto Expo at New Delhi. At 2014 Auto Expo, Bajaj Auto again showcased the RE60s with colourful paint schemes. This time apart from the RE60, the company also unveiled a four-wheeled concept based on the RE60, the U-Car. The four wheeler concept is the closest Bajaj has been to building something that looks like a car.

The U-Car gets a 4-valve, triple spark, fuel-injected liquid-cooled petrol engine with an automatic transmission. Bajaj Auto has however denied that it has intentions of entering the highly competitive four-wheeler passenger vehicle segment. The company says that it has put the U-Car on display at the Auto Expo to take feedback on whether or not to put the concept to production.


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bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-010     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-011     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-012

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-013     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-014     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-015

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-016     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-017     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-018

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-019     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-020     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-021

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-022     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-023     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-024

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-025     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-026     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-027

bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-028     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-029     bajaj-re60-spied-dummy-passengers-mangalore-030