2014 Auto Expo – Bajaj U-Car Concept shows off scissor doors

Bajaj has created a good reputation for itself by launching some of the best vehicles in the market. It is one of the most well established auto makers in the Indian market. The company is planning to showcase and launch its latest bikes and cars at the ongoing Auto Expo 2014. We have heard that Bajaj has also revealed a four wheel concept car at the event. This car is very much similar in direction to the RE60 concept car. This car has been named Bajaj U-Car.


The Bajaj U-Car has been developed on an all-new platform. Built from readily accessible plastic and sheet metal, this light weight car has been designed in-house. The Bajaj U-Car has been equipped with a 4-valve, liquid cooled, triple spark, fuel-injected engine. This car will offer features like an air conditioner and automatic gearbox.

The Bajaj U-Car weighs 300 kg. This car will offer low emission and has been specially designed to de-congest urban cities. As more and more of the rural population is fast shifting to urban areas, concept cars like Bajaj U-Car can prove to be an ideal solution for transportation as it is small and likely to be affordably priced. Though the car is very much similar to RE60 but there is a difference. RE60 will be available in the commercial segment but Bajaj U-Car has been created for private users.

The company is so far calling U-Car as a concept. They have revealed that the car’s production will depend on the kind of response it gets and the buzz it manages to create in the market. Just as Bajaj has its Discover, Pulsar and RE brands, if U-Car manages to succeed, it is likely to give rise to ‘U’ brand. However, it will remain as a form of personal transport only.


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See more pictures of Bajaj U-Car Concept –

bajaj-u_car-concept-001     bajaj-u_car-concept-002     bajaj-u_car-concept-003

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Image CreditDaily Bhaskar