Azharuddin’s son Ayazuddin dies after road accident

Mohammed Azharuddin gifted a brand new Suzuki GSX-R1000 superbike to his 19 year old son Ayazuddin earlier this month on the auspicious occasion of Eid. Just like any 19 year old with a new bike, Ayazuddin too was checking out his new bike 5 days ago when he was riding along with his cousin, 16 year old Ajmal-ur Rahman on the Outer Ringroad in Hyderabad.

Reports and onlookers suggest that the bike was travelling at a high speed when it lost control and skidded due to which the bike hit the divider. The accident left both, Ayazuddin and Ajmal severely injured and unconscious. Onlookers managed to call for help and a nearby Police Patrol van arrived. All this happened around 8 AM last Sunday. They were wearing helmet but as the impact was huge, the helmet too crashed.

Azharuddin's son Ayazuddin dies after road accidentAs no ambulance arrived on time, cops had to take both of them in their patrolling van to a nearby hospital. In this commotion, an entire hour was lost. When they reached hospital, both were immediately taken to ICU. After an hour doctors declared that they could not save Ajmal and he had succumbed to injuries.

While Ayazuddin was still in the ICU and was in a very delicate state. Azharuddin, who was in London when the accident took place, arrived in Hyderabad late on Sunday while Ayaz’a mother too arrived around the same time from Dubai, where she lives.

Just a few moments back, doctors declared that Ayazuddin has died fighting a long struggling battle with his injuries. This news has left the entire nation shell shocked. Ayazuddin was a budding cricketer and had a gifted talent in the sport. He had played in the Under 13, Under 15 and Under 17 tournaments were touted to make it to the Indian Cricket team one day.

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