Designer Sunil Kanjoril Hybrid SUV Concept runs on sunlight, Nitrogen

Designer Sunil Kanjoril Hybrid SUV Concept

Mahindra Scorpio hybrid remains India’s first and only hybrid SUV, Indian designers are coming up with all kinds of ideas to provide alternate propulsion to vehicles that can handle long distances, low fuel quality and potholes without twitching a muscle.  One such Pune-based designer Sunil Konjaril might have the answer to the problems the world will apparently face when the fossil fuel reserves run dry and global warming due to CO2 emissions, peaks roasting everything on the planet. Sunil has created a concept SUV that is unlike any other hybrid on the planet today.

The stylish and innovative concept vehicle features different technologies rather than relying on one single form of alternative propulsion. The hybrid uses a combination of internal and external combustion engines with the heat generated from the internal combustion engine, the exhaust, the brakes as well as the overall environment of the vehicle in motion, being harnessed by a stirling (external combustion) engine to charge the Li-ion batteries that are used to propel the vehicle initially.

Designer Sunil Kanjoril Hybrid SUV Concept Heat harnessed from regenerative braking, solar power and internal engine is used to warm tubes with molten salt inside to power the external combustion engine while the liquid nitrogen charges the batteries on board. The hybrid is designed to utilize the power from the batteries when it is running on slower speeds with the IC engine kicking in when extra propulsion is required.

The highly stylish vehicle draws inspiration for its frame from the lines of the SUVs in vogue which gives it the necessary stylish edge in an already competitive market. The shorter cabin allows the vehicle to be slightly leaner and the lower curb weight further contributes towards the overall efficient energy consumption of the vehicle.

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