Bangalore Engineering students develop 110 km/liter Diesel bike

Four mechanical engineering students from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology have developed a bike, which runs on diesel. However what is most interesting is the mileage which the bike gives. Naveen V V, Tony Paul, Nadeem Anwar and Sanjay Bhushan claim their innovative bike, have shocked the world by developing a diesel engine motorbike which returns a mileage of 110 kmpl.

Under the guidance of Dr S V Prakash, these students, single handedly took the challenge of developing a cheaper alternative for millions of Indians who are spending a huge part of their income on daily commuting.

These 4 students of final year took four months to complete project in various workshops in Bangalore and Coimbatore. The students used a Kinetic Blaze and fitted a Bullet engine to it. The engine size was reduced to 200cc from the stock 325cc and the flywheel weight was reduced by 7 kgs. The power came down to 3.5hp from the stock 6.5hp. This automatic diesel Blaze runs at 40 paise per km and has managed to entice the support of the Kirloskar group.

“We have spent almost Rs. 72,000/- on the production of this prototype and with mass production, the cost would be around Rs. 55,000-60,000,” Nadeem Anwar, a member of the team, said.


Naveen V V added, “Bikes that run on diesel are rare. So we decided to develop a diesel-run two-wheeler as our final year project. As far as we know, we are the first in the country to come up with a diesel-engined two-wheeler with automatic gears and automatic clutch.”

Sanjay Bhushan said, “The automatic gear and automatic clutch work smoothly, making it easy to ride in the traffic.”

Kirloskar Group has come forward to help these students and have promised to develop a variant on the technology. Dr S V Prakash said, “The engine is capable of producing better torque as compared to other diesel engines and the bike gives a mileage of around 110 kmpl.”