Honda Gold Wing motorcycle disguised as the ‘Street-legal Jet Cycle’

A YouTube user named Wilfred Lebron was able to manage to capture the Jet Cycle Freedom 1 on his camera. Though the bike looks very much like a jet fighter miniature, however, a closer look reveals something entirely different. This apparent street-legal Jet Cycle is actually a modified version of the Honda Gold Wing bike. The bike has been worked upon by Ron Galloops.

street-legal-jet-honda-goldwing-motorcycleStreet-legal Jet Cycle Honda Gold Wing

Ron Galloops has chosen to give the Honda Gold Wing motorcycle a new Convair F-106 Delta Dart look. This Jet Cycle Freedom 1 motorcycle has been equipped with a 1.5 L, 6-cylinder engine. He has also added a glowing afterburner to the bike. However, do not expect the modified bike to take off. The Jet Cycle Freedom 1 offers the top speed of 129 kilometer per hour, i.e. about 80 miles per hour. It is legal to drive this vehicle on public roads.

In one of his interviews to St. Petersburg Times, in the year 2005, Ron Galloops stated that he has had passion towards machines since an early age, in fact, he has been into modifying machines ever since he was 4 years old. He was allured by the idea of Freedom 1 in the year 2001. According to Ron Galloops, one of the biggest problem with this motorcycle is that the drivers tend to gawk at its built. It is quite tough to pay attention to everyone who is keep an eye on the Jet Cycle Freedom 1 rather than actually riding the winged bike. This motorcycle features a cockpit and a landing gear.

Honda Gold Wing is an awesome bike with great features and specifications. With the brand name of one of the finest automaker, this bike promises a lot. The modified version by Galloops also appears to be an amazing product with cool features.

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